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Started in February of 2011 by a teenager, OnTrackCeliac is the only website dedicated purely to helping Celiacs find restaurants that understand cross-contamination.

Why cross-contamination?
Nowadays, when you ask someone what gluten is, they will probably associate it with wheat. The same goes for restaurants. Owners try to appeal to the gluten-free market by looking over their menu and creating gluten-free dishes like salads—minus the croutons. While this effort is needed, it actually hurts people with Celiac Disease. Food is prepared without the knowledge of cross-contamination, and celiacs end up eating tiny amounts of gluten. These small amounts of gluten ultimately have almost the same impact as large amounts of gluten. That's why 20 year-old founder, Ben Solomon, set out to provide a source of restaurants that understand cross-contamination more than your average "allergen guide" restaurant. While the truth is that very few restaurants educate their full staff, we have compiled listings of restaurants that do educate their staff—or at least are capable of preparing a completely gluten-free meal.

About Ben
Ben Solomon is a student at Tufts University. He was diagnosed with Celiac Disease at the age of 11 in October of 2009. 16 months later, he launched OnTrackCeliac as a local resource for the Celiac community in the San Francisco Bay Area. The site quickly grew to cover cities across the country. Ben maintains a passion for making a gluten-free lifestyle easy, and continues to improve OnTrackCeliac frequently.