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Fast Food Restaurant Eating Guide

Instructions for eating at In-n-Out and Five Guys

Make sure that when you order, mention that you have an "allergy" and that they should be sure not to contaminate anything.  This is a button on their computer screen that will tag your order as one needing to be prepared seperately with new gloves.  Surprisingly, In-n-Out and Five Guys are very good at keeping everything separate and gluten-free.  Great for lunch on vacations when you aren't familiar with nearby gluten-free restaurants.

Five Guys Gluten-Free Menu Items
 In-n-Out Gluten-Free Menu Items
Protein/Lettuce Burger
  Protein/Lettuce Burger
 Regular Fries
 Regular Fries
 Protein/Lettuce Wrapped Hot Dog
 All Milkshakes